Best Male Enhancement Pills & Products of 2017!

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best male enhancement pills

Want to discover the best male enhancement products that can grow your penis up to 3 inches longer? Are you wishing you could satisfy her better? Tired of having a small penis?

If you’ve answered “Yes” – We can help you by suggesting the best male enhancement pills, pumps and extenders that will grow your penis longer and you’ll see noticeable results in only a few weeks!

Best Male Enhancement Product #1: Male Extra

4.8 out of 5 top-best-male-enhancement-pills-custome-reviewsmale extra male enhancement pills
(Male Enhancement Pills)

Male Extra is the best male enhancement pill on the market, it will increase your penis size, thicken your girth, improve your sexual stamina, and is much cheaper than any extender or pump.

Male Extra works fast, its efficient and totally effective. It’s for busy adults that don’t have time to wear a complex penis extender or difficult penis pump, but still want to see real results.

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Best Male Enhancement Product #2: Sizegenetics

4.5 out of 5 top-best-male-enhancement-pills-custome-reviews sizegenetics-3-1
(Male Enhancement Extender)

Sizegenetics is the most powerful male enhancement extender available, it has many positive customer reviews and an 90% success rate. You’re also guaranteed results or your money back.

Sizegenetics is a certified medical device that is backed by doctors, nurses and surgeons. It’s been in multiple clinical studies and has been proven as a very effective device.

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Best Male Enhancement Product #3: Penomet

4.3 out of 5real-male-enhancement-product-reviews
(Male Enhancement Pump)

Penomet is the best male enhancement pump currently for sale, it’s a new penis enlargement pump that features a unique and effective way to permanently increase your penis size.

Penomet really works, it’s been clinically proven and has hundreds of reviews from men who have successfully grown their penis. It’s also the only penis pump with a guarantee so you will be satisfied or your money back!

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How To Find The Best Male Enhancement Pills & Products

male extra vs sizegeneticsFor many of us it can be very difficult to find male enhancement pills, pumps or extenders that actually work.

It doesn’t matter if you’re young or old, how much you spend or how badly you want to increase your penis size,

On the market, only about 20% of the penis enlargement products do work and the rest are a scam.

So ask this: Which male enhancement products actually work? Only the one’s that are clinically proven effective. Discover More

Penomet vs Sizegenetics

Use this chart to compare the best male enhancement pump and extender – Penomet vs Sizegenetics

VS PhenQ Reviews That Cover the Side Effects and Ingredients

Penomet versus Sizegenetics

Overall Rating: 4.3 VS 4.5

Success Rate: 80% VS 90%

Money Back: 60 days VS 60 days

First Results: 4-16 days VS 10-18 days

Best Results: 4 months VS 6 months

Overall Safety: Safe VS Mildly Safe

How it Works: Water Suction VS Pulling Extender  

Complete Review: (Learn More) VS (Learn More)

Top (3) Best Male Enhancement Products of 2017

best male enhancement exercises and penis pumpsAfter comparing the effectiveness, customer reviews and results we’ve discovered the best male enhancement products that can grow your penis up to 3 inches longer.  

We’ve identified the best male enhancement pill, pump, and extender. So that you can choose which penis enlargement method is right for your body and schedule.

In the next section we cover the top 3 best penis enlargement products. All three are scientifically proven effective and come with a money-back warranty, so you’re guaranteed results.

Recommended: Male Enhancement Pills – Effectively grow your penis longer without any hassle.

Best Male Enhancement Pill: Male Extra

4.8 out of 5 top-best-male-enhancement-pills-custome-reviewsmale extra logo
No Prescription Necessary

Click Here to Learn More About Male Extra

Male Extra Bottle Label Side Effects

Male Extra is the best selling male enhancement pill on the market, it’s cheaper than a penis pump and an extender but twice as effective and convenient!

The all-natural ingredients in these male enhancement pills can increase your penis size by up to three inches in length. These pills will also grow penis girth and improve erection fullness.

Male Extra customer reviews report that they’ve seen permanent results and on average gain two inches in length in four months.

With a satisfaction money-back guarantee, Male Extra is the sure deal that can really make your penis bigger and is the most recommended male enhancement pill.

Best Male Enhancement Extender: Sizegenetics

4.5 out of 5 top-best-male-enhancement-pills-custome-reviews sizegenetics-logo
Registered Medical Device 

Click Here to Learn More About Sizegenetics


Sizegenetics is the most powerful penis extender made yet, it’s a certified medical device and will greatly increase your penis length.

It can secretly be worn under your clothes, is comfortable to wear and can provide results as soon as just three weeks.

Its traction technology will extend and stretch your penis while its worn, which will permanently increase your penis size and is very safe.

Sizegenetics really works, its backed by medical doctors and has many testimonials of users who have successfully grown their penis from one to three inches longer.

Best Male Enhancement Pump: Penomet

4.3 out of 5real-male-enhancement-product-reviewspenomet-logo-review
Powerful Water Pump

Click Here to Learn More About Penomet


Penomet is the best penis pump available because it uses water pressure to evenly distribute suction, this results in the penis evenly growing longer and thicker.

Water pumps are unique, they can immediately grow your penis in size and be worn before sex for a larger erection. If worn daily for a few months, the results become permanent and you should grow about two inches longer.

The problem with penis extenders is that they only pull which can cause uneven penile growth, they’ll greatly increase penis length but not the girth.

Penomet is the best choice for proper penis growth because its water suction will pull on the penis from every angle, this will proportionately grow the penis length and girth at the same time.

How to Make Your Penis Bigger & Thicker

Size Matters Best Enhancement Products Customer ReviewThere’s a belief that you can easily grow your penis and it requires little effort, but that’s not true at all.

The truth is that you can’t grow your penis unless you wear a penis pump or extender everyday for more than three months, but most people just don’t have the discipline or time for that.

If you truly want to increase your penis size than begin with baby steps, start a male enhancement exercise routine and find some male enhancement pills that actually work before you use a complicated device like a penis pump.

Yes, I get it. Now show me the best male enhancement pills that work

What Are Male Enhancement Pills?

Male enhancement pills have been on the market for almost fifty years now. Almost 80% of them are vitamin supplements that don’t work, but the other 20% are truly effective and have been proven very capable of increasing penis size.


Male Enhancement Pills FAQ:

  1. Gained mass popularity back in the 1980’s
  2. 20% of male enhancement pills work but the other 80% are fakes
  3. 30 million consumers have taken male enhancement pills since their release in 1967
  4. Those who saw results from their pills claim they had excellent penis size growth
  5. Taking the best male enhancement pills you can grow up to 2.5 inches longer

Male enhancement pills can cure premature ejaculation and erectile dysfunction because of their herbal ingredients, unlike chemical medication such as Viagra which only helps erection blood flow.

“Grow your penis 2.5 inches longer with penis enlargement pills”

The few male enhancement pills that do work can make your penis grow and thicken in size. When you take the pills their herbal ingredients will cause a variety of positive results and most users report that they gain an average of 2 inches in only four months. 

The ingredients in these pills work in conjunction to relax the penile tissue and improve its blood flow, which will cause harder erections and overtime permanent lengthening.

Male enhancement pills also can increase libido by boosting testosterone levels, enhance the pleasure of sexual orgasms, and improve flaccid penis thickness.

Clinical studies have proven that even men with the smallest penis reported their penis drastically grew and they saw a visible change after they started taking proven male enhancement pills. Those who have used these pills claim that they’ve grown on average two inches in length and have a much thicker penis.

Here’s what a real user said:

male extra review so do penis enlargement pills work

How do I take male enhancement pills?

Generally you’ll want to take one pill in the morning and the second pill at lunch, but some of the more powerful products like Male Extra require that you to take a third pill at dinner.  There are zero side effects and it’s very straight forward, take your pills daily and then watch your penis slowly grow!

“Male Extra sounds too good to true”

male extra male enhancement pills

The reality is that penis enlargement pills that work aren’t too good to be true because they all require effort and discipline to see any results.

Male Extra requires users to take three pills a day, it also comes with a male enhancement exercise routine that must be done daily. You can’t miss a pill or skip the routine because you’ll disrupt the growing process, but the users who truly dedicate themselves see incredible results.

You can’t take Male Extra if you’re not ready to commit or only want to gain a few centimeters, it’s the best male enhancement pill available meant for men with a small penis who want to gain up to three inches in length and have the discipline to accomplish their goal.

How powerful Male Extra actually is?

Male Extra is not some Target supplement, it’s an incredibly potent male enhancement medication. It’s basically the really upgraded version of Viagra but with a lot more growing and thickening.

Its ability to greatly increase your penis size is normally overlooked by its male enhancement exercise routine. When using Male Extra you’ll have to spend twenty minutes each day doing its exercise routine, if you want to see huge results. ME pills and its exercises routine work together in conjunction, which will grow your penis up to 2.5 inches longer.

Male Extra’s exercise routine and three pills daily requirement are why you must decide if you can dedicate yourself to its plan. It’s not some supplement for minimal results, it’s powerful medication that’s  very serious and will really increase your penis size.

Where Can I Buy Male Extra ?

Male Extra Bottle Label Side Effects

Male Extra is not sold at general stores because it’s very particularly distributed, you may find it at an adult shop but the best place to buy it is from its official website.

The official website offers a satisfaction money-back guarantee, they ship your package in a brown box so no one knows what’s inside, and they have offer the best price on the market.

You will see your penis size increase with Male Extra and your girth will grow. If you don’t see any results the manufacturers will gladly return your money, but their confident that you’ll be satisfied with your results and that’s why they offer a satisfaction guarantee!

Male Extra is safe and a much better choice than extenders or pumps. Read Review: Male Extra

What’s The Alternative to Male Enhancement Pills  ?

The fact is that male enhancement pills are the most convenient way to grow your penis, but if you’re someone who doesn’t like pills or prefers something different than there are effective alternatives.

The other alternatives are traditional penis extenders which pull on your penis and stretch it longer or penis pumps which use water suction to draw more blood into the penis and swell its size.

A penis pump and extender both can provide good results after each usage and permanent results if worn daily for several months.

Its recommended to use a penis pump instead of an extender. The extender can cause penile tissue damage from the extended hours of stretching, but a water penis pump is much safer and provides better long-term results.

The Alternatives ?

After comparing every penis enlargement product the two best alternatives to male enhancement pills:

The best penis pump and penis extender:

    1. Penomet, water penis pump. Effective and safe.
    2. Sizegenetics, the most powerful penis extender available.

Keep in mind that male enhancement pills are the best choice, followed by penis pumps and then extenders. Pills are convenient and safe, the pumps are uncomfortable but also safe. However extenders are not safe and can cause penile tissue damage, but are the most powerful of the three.

Three Important Male Enhancement Exercises

Want to make your penis bigger while using the best male enhancement products? Then follow these 3 natural male enhancement exercises each day.

Simply add these at-home exercises to your morning routine.

1. Jelqing

This is one of the few male enhancement exercises that has been proven effective. The purpose of jelqing is to fill additional blood into the penis, this activates cell multiplication in the penile tissue and forces the penis to grow.

jelqing-natural-male-enhancement-exerciseJelqing increases the thickness of the penis and size of erections by forcing additional blood into the penile chambers. The pressure of blood causes the chambers to expand and results in the penile chambers being able to hold more blood, which causes erections that are much bigger.

Jelqing can be done with dry or wet hands. It’s a very a simple exercise, basically it’s like you’re milking a cow. You’ll grab at the base of your penis with your hand and pull tightly towards the head as if you’re milking the blood towards the tip.

After doing this exercise for a hundred strokes, you’ll want to stop and take break. Once you’re experienced you should move up to four hundred strokes a day and achieve the best results.

2. Manual Stretching

This is the easiest and most basic of the male enhancement exercises.  As its name implies the exercise is to grab with fingers onto the tip of the penis, stretch and pull the penis away from the body for fifteen seconds.

manual-penis-stretch-down-male-enhancement-exerciseManual stretching should be done for ten minutes each day. Its best to pull and stretch from different angle, which will create more girth at the base and longer length.

This male enhancement exercise is a simple warm up that should be done daily and will help improve penile blood flow. It should be done before using a penis pump or having sex because it will improve the pump’s results and increase erection size.

The goal of manual stretching is to make the penis bigger and longer. This is done by forcing the penis tissue cells to multiply because of the stress caused from stetching and pulling, which will make the penis bigger overtime.

3. Kegels

This exercise is very easy to do and one of the best male enhancement exercises for making your penis thicker because it increase erection fullness.

kegel-natural_male_enhancement_exercisesKegels exercise the pubococcygeus muscles, which increase erection size and can help with erectile dysfunction. This muscle can be exercised daily and is easily identified when peeing.

Basically kegels are done by flexing tight the muscle that’s used to push when peeing. The next time you pee, stop midstream and then start again. Do this as many times as possible and as you contract that muscle, you’ll increase its strength and size.

Kegels can also help with premature ejaculation, they help the muscle can contract tighter and prevent the testicles from releasing. After manual stretching and then jelqing, kegels will help the bigger penis size remain more permanent  and noticeable because it strengthens the pubococcygeus muscle


To accomplish the longest penis length possible and grow your penis bigger than thought possible, than you need to take one of the best male enhancement products available and follow a exercise routine.

If you follow these simple five steps than you will increase your penis size drastically and have a bigger penis within a couple months:

  1. Take a medically proven male enhancement pill
  2. Follow a daily male enhancement exercise routine
  3. Practice kegel exercises every time you have to go pee
  4. Use a proven male enhancement penis pump or penis extender
  5. Combine these four penis enlargement methods for the best results

Best Weight Male Enhancement Pills & Products of 2017
top-best-male-enhancement-pills-custome-reviews4.8 stars, based on 175 reviews

1. Male Extra is the official best male enhancement pill. Longer and thicker, faster.

2. Sizegenetics the most powerful penile extender yet. Big results or money-back.

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