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WAIT! DO NOT buy any male enhancement pills until you learn of Male Extra, our review is based on fully researched & clinically proven information. We cover pros vs cons, user reviews, and safety!

December 2016 Update: (Added new customer reviews & a secret penis enlargement at-home exercise!)

Male Extra penis enlargement pills can cause substantial penis growth, a thicker girth and harder erections. Keep in mind these pills are made with clinically studied and proven ingredients. Supposedly it’s an all natural formula that can increase your penis size by up 3 inches longer.

Many male enhancement users agree that Male Extra is one of the most effective penis enlargement pills currently available. It receives consistent positive feedback with an 93% satisfaction rating and has thousands of satisfied customers.

The real question we must ask: Is Male Extra safe for me and will it grow my penis? That’s we’ve compiled this complete review, so that you can the an educated buying decision.

In this Male Extra review we cover how effective the pills are, provide real before and after pictures, analyze the complete ingredient list, how safe it is, and everything else you need to know.

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Will Male Extra Make Your Penis Longer ?

Male Extra Review Front Label

Even though there are some to scared to take pills, Male Extra has a reputation of positive success stories. These tiny blue pills have made many men feel satisfied with their penis length and sexual performance.

Many Male Extra reviews report that they felt zero side effects and found Male Extra very effective overall. In some reviews the men claim they saw penile growth as soon as four days after they started taking it!

Its popularity and proven results are because of the combined efforts of its different, clinically proven ingredients that will boost libido and sexual performance.

Although, if you want an even bigger penis and increase your penile size to its longest possible, than you must combined Male Extra with proven male enhancement  exercises!

Pros vs. Cons


3 Pros

Many Male Extra reviews have reported the following results:

  • Lifetime Results – Most consumers report that they noticed results within the first week. It’s been clinically proven that these ingredients will provide lasting lifetime results, while also increasing libido and overall sexual performance.
  • Safe of Side-effects – This is the safest natural male enhancement pill currently available, and can be taken daily without worry of side effects.
  • Cures Premature Ejaculation – It’s been said that taking these pills creates an erection that is more controllable, reducing the probability of premature ejaculation and increasing orgasm pleasure.

3 Cons

You should weigh out the following cons before making your purchase:

  • Hard to find – These pills are very new so they can be difficult to find at a storefront, but they have multiple online retailers and the official website offers free goodies on each purchase.
  • Different Length’s – Some men can see their penis nearly double in size, but other men only see a 2 inch gain at the maximum, so the results very per person, but overall you will have better sex and a longer penis.
  • Can Be Expensive – It can be expensive if you purchase it at a storefront because it’s new and sought after, so companies raise their price because people will pay more but you can find the best price online.
  • It might also cost too much, especially when compared to other brands in the current market.

Keep in mind, this is the best male enhancement pill available based off it’s satisfaction rating and its consistent positive consumer reviews.

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Real Male Extra User Reviews & Success Stories


So it seems these men have had consistent results, from penis size growth, to penile girth growth and a higher libido. So the most common results include:

  • Longer Penis Size – This male enhancement pill will grow your penis size by up to 3 inches, you’ll see an increase in penile size and thickness. However, the results vary among men but most do notice a much thicker and harder erection after only a week.
  • Rock Hard Erections  – These pills drastically affect penile blood flow, which allow for rock hard erections and let’s the penis reach it’s full performance level. You’ll grow your penis while enjoying better sex and a stiffer, thicker penis.

One user says that he didn’t see that much length growth with only 1.4 inches gained, but he also said Male Extra was very effective at curing his premature ejaculation and we think 1.4 inches is a substantial size gain that he should be satisfied with!

Male Extra Review #1 – User Review From Forum

male extra review so do penis enlargement pills work

Male Extra Review #2 – User Review Made Via YouTube

Male Extra Review #3 – User Reviews From Official Male Extra Website

“I have tried penis extenders and penis enlargement pills before but the results didn’t last very long. That’s why I was happy when found my results from MaleExtra didn’t shrivel away after I stopped taking it, unlike other male enhancement products that I had used before. Even my girlfriend says she can feel the difference and that she likes how full she feels now. I love the new body that I have because my penis is 2.2 inches longer, it did take a lot of daily effort to follow through taking the pills and doing the exercise program, but it’s worth it in the end!”

 – Ryan Stroaler, Personal Trainer, Dallas, Texas

“I don’t ever write thank you’s to any companies, if I’m satisfied I don’t have much to say, but when I’m displeased with a product I’m an ear-full. Well this time I had to personally say thank you because I’ve finally found something that let’s me last a little longer. I know the improvement isn’t amazing, but to know I can make it three to five minutes now, compared to before.. Is a huge accomplishment! Keep in mind, I used to ejaculate in less than 30 seconds before, so this is a huge difference for me. As for my penis length, I was already 7″ but now I’m 8.3″, I guess I didn’t much more room to grow. Although, I look very thick now and not thin at all. Definitely recommend Male Extra!”

Stephen Perry, Registered Nurse, Chicago, Illinois

“The pills worked fine but I think it’s male enhancement exercise program is what really gave me my new length and girth. I have been feeling a very high libido as well, basically I’m very “horny” and my wife has defiantly noticed the change in my sexual appetite. She doesn’t mind either because the sex is better than it’s ever been, has more passion and we feel a lot more connected. Sorry this is getting too personal now. SO yeah, it works and I’m a fan. Will use again 6 months from now.”

William Braist, Lawyer, Long Beach, California

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How Does Male Extra Work ?


Male Extra works by conjoining the power of multiple herbal ingredients and acts as a catalyst to empower their beneficial effects. The ingredients will soothe the penis tissue, widen penile veins, improve blood flow, and induce cell multiplication.

Male Extra will make the cells of the penis multiply and create new muscle tissue, which will create new penile length and a wider girth.

It works by using its formula that’s made of these five active ingredients:

  1. Zinc – A common ingredient but in the right dosage it improves orgasms for both women and men, which can also cause for more sexual drive in adults.
  2. Maca Extract – A powerful testosterone booster, this ingredient has been taken and used for hundreds of years for it’s libido increasing properties.
  3. Pomegranate Acid – This is the main active ingredient that gives Male Extra its potency, it improves erection stiffness and increases penile size by improving penile blood flow.
  4. Tongkat Ali Extract – This ingredient will cause growth on the cellular level and boost testosterone levels, growing the erect penis size and boosting erection strength.
  5. Epimediaum Sagittatum – This is basically a safer version of the Viagra ingredient, it soothes the penis tissue and opens the penile blood veins wider.

The Male Extra formula has a few other ingredients, but other ingredients are only support ingredients and together the formula works in conjunction to create results that are “permanent and safe.

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Does Male Extra Have Any Side Effects ?


Male Extra is derived of natural ingredients and its formula is chemical free. However every supplement has the chance of side effects. Not everyone’s body reacts the same, so it’s truly impossible to say that a supplement is free of side effects. Although the potential side effects of Male Extra are very mild and nonharmful.

Some Male Extra reviews claimed that they felt some minor side effects during the first week. This included mild sweating, horniness, and sweaty palms. If you do happen to have any of these side effects, they will quickly fade away and disappear after the first few days once your body builds a tolerance to the pills.

The possibility of unwanted effects from Male Extra is truly small. If you want to completely avoid the possibility of any side effects than only take half a dosage for the first week. After your body develops a tolerance to the igredients than you can begin taking the full dosage. This will give the body time to create a resistance to would-be side effects.

This male enhancement pill is meant for adults and should only be taken if you’re the age of eighteen. However if you’re over the age of eighty or having surgery soon than we recommend that you talk with your surgeon or nurse first and seek medical advice before taking this supplement.

If you want the best results possible than you’ll have to combine this penis enlargement pill and male enhancement exercises. This will encourage growth and further improve penile blood flow, which will make your results last and become permanent. You could even take it a step further and also use a penis pump in conjunction with Male Extra and male enhancement exercises to maximize your results!

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The Best Place to Buy Male Extra

male extra icon logo website

The cheapest and most reliable place to buy Male Extra is from the official website. You can click the image above or the blue text link to see the official website now.

  • Pricing – Male Extra is currently available for the price of $64.95 (Other penis enlargement pills don’t offer the guarantee that Male Extra does, your penis will grow longer and that’s certain.)
  • Comfort – The package is received in a complete brown wrapping, so that absolutely nobody know’s what’s been purchased until you open it in the comfort of your home.
  • Guarantee – There’s a sixty day money back guarantee, so you know your penis will grow or your money back without any hassle.

Just Remember: Male Extra is not sold at the public Wal-mart because it’s very particularly distributed, so it can be difficult to find at even a pharmacy. But it is easily found online because it’s still a very new supplement, so take it with a grain of salt and enjoy your new results!

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