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DOCTOR’S ADVICE: Combine Penomet with a male enhancement pill like Male Extra for better results.

Penomet is a unique male enhancement hydro penis pump that can immediately cause your penis to swell in size and grow thicker. This new water pump has been proven by doctor’s to be effective and can increase your penis size in just 15 minutes.

There are hundreds of penis enlargement products, but only some work and supposedly Penomet is consistently rated as one of the best penis enlargement pumps. There are many positive Penomet customer reviews, it has an 85% approval score and a large following of loyal customers. So most Penomet customers are very satisfied with their results.

What we really must investigate: “Will Penomet work for me and increase my penis size ?” That’s why this review is here to help, so that you can get the truth and decide if Penomet is right for your body!

In our Penomet review we cover the positives and negatives, how big it can grow your penis, if it’s truly safe, the best place to buy it, and anything else that you need to know.

Will Penomet Make Your Penis Longer ? 

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Although some people are too intimidated to use a suction water pump, Penomet provides real results and has hundreds of satisfied customers. This unique water pump has helped its customers substantially increase their penis size and remains a best selling male enhancement pump.

Many Penomet reviews claim that they’ve had penis growth up to 2.5 inches longer and lasting results. Some users even suggest that immediately after using the pump, within fifteen minutes their penis had swelled up to 1 inch longer.

Penomet’s unique water suction technology and its consistent successful reviews are why it’s such a popular penis enlargement pump. Its able to increase your penis size within 15 minutes, which can lead to immediate better sex with your partner and higher libido levels as well.

Penomet will draw additional blood into the penis and immediately swell its length by up to 1 – 1.5 inches. With daily use your results will become permanent, and if you also do daily male enhancement exercises than you’ll increase your penis size even further.

Positives vs. Negatives

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3 Positives

Most Penomet customer reviews report these common positive results:

  • Longer Penis Length – The majority of Penomet reviews claim that they saw up to 1 – 2 inches of penis growth after using the penis enlargement pump. Although if you want your results to last than you have to use it daily.
  • Very Safe Product Overall – This is a pump not a pill, so there’s zero side effects and you control how much suction to apply so you’re in control. This one the safest male enhancement products currently available.
  • Cures Premature Ejaculation – A penis enlargement pump that use suction to draw additional blood into an erection. The additional blood will create a harder and stiffer erection that’s more controllable, which can help prevent premature ejaculation.

3 Negatives

These are some common cons to consider:

  • Mainly Sold Online – The best place to purchase this male enhancement pump is from the official website. There are still very few storefronts because it’s a very specific product.
  • Swelling Reduces Quickly – The goal of a penis pump is to immediately provide bigger erections, but after about 30 minutes the results fade. So if you want permanent results than you must use it daily.
  • Its a Large Initial Investment – Most male enhancement pills are less than $65, but a penis pump or penis extender can be a lot more costly. Penomet does come with a 60 day money back guarantee, so its a risk-free purchase.

Just remember, this is one of the best penis enlargement pumps on the market because of it’s approval rating and continuous successful customer results.

Penomet Customer Reviews & User Feedback


We’ve added real customer reviews below and noticed that they share a common theme, the men increased their penile size and grew a thicker girth. So Penomet has given these men before and after results like:

  • Bigger Flaccid Penis – Penomet’s suction will increase your penis size and girth at the same time because it’s uses suction to swell the penis vs an extender which only pulls on the penis. The difference is that your penis will grow thicker, longer and more well rounded than with an extender.
  • Better Sex in Minutes – The water pump’s suction will greatly improve your erection’s blood circulation, which will give you fuller and longer erections after each usage. Your partner will feel the difference in your increased penis size and the extra blood flow will also help prevent premature ejaculation.

One customer said that he saw decent results with the pump, but when he combined the pump with a penis exercise routine that’s when he got massive results. These honest customers will give you an idea of what it’s like to own a Penomet.

Penomet Review #1 – Customer Review From Forum

penomet vs bathmate customer review

Penomet Review #2 – Customer Review From YouTube

Penomet Review #3 – Customer Reviews From Official Penomet Site

“I own several male enhancement pumps but Penomet is my favorite because it’s worked the best and I’m pretty satisfied with my before and after results. My penis is much thicker than before and it’s length continues to grow each month. The difference in length between now and then is huge, I’m also more confident in the bedroom and satisfying my wife requires less work.”

 – Todd Myers, Nutritionist, Anaheim, California

“Most satisfied customers will not say anything, but a dissatisfied customer will always vent their frustration, so I’m here to give my real experience with Penomet. It’s too soon to see any permanent results because it’s only been 3 weeks, but already I can see my penis growing thicker and longer. The suction base was uncomfortable at first but worth it because I’ve grown my penis slightly thicker and longer!”  

Terry Klein, Accountant, Las Vegas, Nevada

“In all honesty the water pump gave me alright results but after I combined it with my penis enlargement exercises that’s what really made the difference. I have been doing different exercises for a few months and have had ok results. After starting with Penomet and continuing my penile exercise routine, I saw a huge increase in my penis size! I think the pump and exercises alone are not enough, but when combined they’ll really grow any penis. 

Anthony Sheppard, Doctor, Houston, Texas

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How Does Penomet Really Work ?

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Traditional penis pumps use air to create suction but the problem with air suction is that it improperly applies pressure and causes uneven penis growth. However, Penomet uses water suction and evenly applies hydro pressure.

A water pump works by using hydro pressure to create an evenly distributed suction. This results in proper penis growth because the water suction comes from all angles with even pressure, which will thicken your girth and lengthen your penis at the same time.

Penomet is very easy to use. First fill the pump with water, then put it on your penis and pump until you feel the vacuum seal. Once the pressure is sufficient, wear it for 20 minutes, and when you’re done press the release valve on the top.

Pumps are the safest way to increase your penis size, they provide immediate results but if you use them daily they can provide life-time lasting results. Pumps are also much safer than dangerous penis extenders and harmful pills. And if Penomet doesn’t work for you, than return it with the 60 day money back guarantee!

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Which Penomet Pump Package is Right For Me ?


There are three different packages available for Penomet’s hydro penis pump. It can be a challenge to decide which package is best and has the most value, so we’ve compared them below. Now you can investigate each package and decide which one is right for your needs.

At first there was only the Penomet Standard package. However later on Penomet made the Extra and Premium package as well. The newer packages feature more equipment and tools like a shower comfort stap and extra gaiters.

Keep in mind that all three packages feature the same hydro penis pump. Penomet has only one penis pump model. So the only difference between the packages are the amount of extra tools and equipment that you receive, but you’ll get the same pump in each package.

Penomet Premium Package

penomet-before-and-after-resultsThe Penomet premium package is the most expensive package, but it’s also the best selling package because it has the most equipment and value. It features a special cleaning kit, an extra year of warranty, comfort strap, and all five gaiters.

There are five Penomet gaiters in total. The gaiters are the silicone rubber attachment pieces that lock onto the bottom of the pump and each one creates a different amount of pressure. They also come in a variety of colors like orange, blue and purple.

Penomet users will begin with the first gaiter and progress to the fifth as their penis grows and becomes comfortable with the pressure. Beginners will start with the gaiter that creates the lowest pressure, after a couple of weeks the gaiter will be taken off and changed to the next gaiter that creates more pressure.

The premium package is the best deal because it features all five gaiters. You get literally everything at the best price possible. So you can progress with your Penomet pump and without interruption of needing to buy more gaiters.

Penomet Extra Package

penomet-reviewThe Penomet extra package is a better deal than the standard package, but it doesn’t feature any extra equipment of the premium package. It’s only the hydro penis pump and three gaiters.

If you want to save money and don’t want the bells and whistles than this package is the best deal. However you will need to buy additional gaiters in the future because this package does not feature all five Penomet gaiters.

You’ll temporarily save money up front with this package but in the future when you need the final two gaiters to keep progressing than you will need to buy them individually and in total that will be more expensive than just buying the premium package.

Penomet Standard Package

penomet-priceThe Penomet standard package is the most basic of the three packages and is a bad deal because it doesn’t feature any equipment. It only comes with one Penomet gaiter and the hydro penis pump.

You will have to buy the four missing gaiters in the future if you want to keep progressing with your pump and that’s why this package is a bad deal. Individually the gaiters are much more expensive than buying them all together in the premium package.

This package is more like a sampler and will let you try Penomet for the minimum price. Its for users who don’t want to fully invest but want to use Penomet. However this package is not a very good deal because it lacks the other neccessary equipment.

It’s better to fully invest in the premium package than buy everything individually and if you don’t like Penomet then you can use the money back guarantee. So its a risk free purchase on your part.

Best Place to Buy Penomet

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The best place to purchase Penomet is from the official website, you’ll get the best price on the market and your purchase comes with a 60 day money back guarantee.

  • Guaranteed Results – Penomet is literally guaranteeing you results or they’ll gladly return your money. They stand strong by their product and feel confident that you will be very happy with your longer penis size.
  • Safe Privacy Shipping – The shipping box has no brand labels and is very obscure, not even the UPS man will know what you’ve purchased!
  • Money-Back Warranty – Penomet will quickly return your money if you are not satisfied, but they’re confident that you will increase your penis size.

It’s worth noting that penis pumps are not regularly sold in retail stores, you may find Penomet at a sexual-performance store, but it’s most commonly found online. The official website is the best place to purchase it from because you’ll avoid any scams, fake products, and receive a money-back guarantee.

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