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DOCTOR’S TIP: Combine Sizegenetics with a male enhancement pill like Male Extra for better results.

NOVEMBER 2016 UPDATE: I have been using Sizegenetics for 7 months now. So this Sizegenetics review will be more personal than our other reviews because it’s of my own real experience.

Sizegenetics is first male enhancement product that I’ve tried and I still wear it almost daily. Thus far my penis has grown approximately 1.5 inches after seven months of wearing it.  Initially I decided to return my extender if I didn’t see any results within 30 days, but I actually saw growth by week 3 and kept it.

In this review I’ve covered exactly what it’s like to own a Sizegenetics extender, the  pro’s and con’s, my overall results during the last 7 months, and the most common asked questions like:

  • “How much girth can I grow using Sizegenetics?”
  • “Can I wear Sizegenetics underneath my clothes?”
  • “How long can I grow my penis using Sizegenetics?”

Thank you to those who took the time to email me, who asked for this review and gave me the courage to share my story. It’s hard to find real male enhancement reviews, there’s too much biased information online, but that’s why with my Sizegenetics review I can share my honest experience.

“Will Sizegenetics Work For Me ?”

The Sizegenetics manufacturers make a variety of male enhancement claims, so I’ve added them below and beside each one I’ve put my personal results, so we can compare what’s true.

Correct Penile Curvature – “Well my penis never really had a curve to begin with so it’s difficult to report the legitimacy of this claim. Although my penis is now straighter so it’s possible Sizegenetics can truly straighten out penile curvature.”

Improve Your Sexual Performance – “My wife and I share a bond, so our love life has always been passionate. However, after Sizegenetics I definitely have any easier time pleasuring her and I don’t have to thrust as much because she tell’s me she  already feel’s very full.”

Grow Penis Length 1-3 Inches Longer – “In total I grew 1.5 inches over the last 6 months, so I don’t think Sizegenetic’s 3 inch claim is realistic, but I do believe Sizegenetic can probably grow your penis up to 2 inches longer in 6 months.”

Build a Thicker Penis and Wider Girth – “Sizegenetics did give me a much thicker erection because after four months I noticed my erections were a lot fuller. However, my flaccid penis girth did not change that much, so I think Sizegenetics mainly grows penile size and erection thickness.”

Why I Bought Sizegenetics as My First Male Enhancement Product

sizegenetics male enhancement exercises and products that work

I purchased my Sizegenetics extender because I read an ad that it was a medical device and had  clinical studies proving it’s effectiveness. I wasn’t fully convinced though, but later I saw there was a 60 day money-back guarantee and I then made my purchase.

Sizegenetics extender is registered as a Class 1 Medical Device for male enhancement. Its been endorsed by medical doctor’s and has clinical trials that certify it as a real medical device.  Keep in mind for Sizgenetics to be certified as a medical device, it was approved by doctor’s, surgeon’s,  and medical therapists.

So I made my purchase. I decided if Sizegenetics didn’t give me visible results within 30 days than I would return it and get my money back. However, it’s turned out to be one of the best investments I’ve ever made and now my penis will be considered “long” for the rest of my life.

My Sizegenetics Results After Seven Months ? 


(“My flaccid length is now LONGER than my old semi-erect length!”)

Sizegenetics is the most popular penis enlargement product on the market, its worked for me and has thousands of satisfied users. Personally my flaccid length is now much longer than my old semi-erect length, and my penis hangs a lot straighter. By the second month I was .5 inches longer and after six months I had grown a total of 1.5 inches while fully erect.

At first it can be awkward to wear Sizegenetics longer than a few hours, but it’s fairly comfortable and you’ll quickly get used to it. Sometimes I even wore my extender to work, but only when I wore jeans. My erections are also much harder and fuller, I would add these pictures too but I really don’t want my bedroom and erect penis posted all over the internet!

Sizegenetics will noticeably increase your penis length within only four to six weeks, but if you want a thicker penis with more girth than you’ll have to do penis enlargement exercises as well. There’s a complete free male enhancement exercise dvd that comes with your Sizegenetics purchase. So If you combine this extender with its penile exercises than you’ll see the best results and they will last a lifetime.

Real Before and After Results

sizegenetics before and after real results

sizegenetics does work before and after

I’ve added two before and after images of real Sizegenetics users. Also, my own pictures of my before and after results using Sizegenetics are the section above. Keep in mind, I am still wearing my extender and expect to grow a total of 2″ inches in length overall!

I would add more before and after pictures, but I don’t think you want to look at any more penises. You’ve now seen how the Sizegenetics extender is worn, you’ve see my real results and actual the results of two other real users.

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Guaranteed 6 Month Money Back Warranty

does sizegenetics work six month money back guarantee

Sizegenetics is true to its word, they guarantee results with a 6 month money back warranty. They promise you can increase your penis size and they back their promise. Their guarantee is actually why I decided to make my initial purchase, I figured if it didn’t work at least I could get my money back.

Although, I didn’t expect to keep my extender, I thought this was the beginning of a long journey trying different extenders until I found one that worked, but true enough Sizegenetics worked first and now I still wear it almost daily! So I recommend it and if you don’t like it, you can always return it at any time!

Keep in mind, if you want to increase your penis size than you have to put in the effort to make your penis grow. Sizegenetics should be worn 5 days a week, for 6 to 8 hours a day. And If you can combine that with daily male enhancement exercises, than you will grow your penis as long as possible and this extender is the right tool to get the job done.

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What’s It Like To Extend Your Penis?

Sizegenetics male enhancement reviews

If you’ve never used a male enhancement extender, than the first week of using Sizegenetics may feel weird. However, there’s pillow padding and smooth straps which make it quite comfortable to wear and once you get used to the “extending” feeling it’s not that bothersome.

Sizegenetics features a new patented comfort technology that’s built into each extender. Many other extenders can cause numbing and the steel will feel be cold, but with Sizegenetics the cloth straps will keep your penis in a blanket and comfortable while it’s extending.

The most common frustration of owning a male enhancement extender is having to adjust it throughout the day and make sure your penis does not slip out. Most penile extenders have the common challenge of trying to keep the penis “stretched” but without letting it slip out of the extender. That’s why Sizegenetics comfort technology let’s you either use its straps or pillow padding’s to wrap your penis, which will prevent most “slipping”.

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“Can I Correct My Penis Curvature ?”


Sizegenetics supposedly can correct penile curvature and straighten the penis out so that it’s longer. It has been suggested by doctor’s for many years to use a medical extender like Sizegenetics to cure penile curvature and erection dysfunction. If your penis hangs to one side while erect or your erection is greatly curved, than this extender can be the cure, but only if you use it for longer than four months.

Those with a curved or one sided penis can actually gain more growth from an extender than those without. By straightening your curvature you will further increase your penis size, as demonstrated in the picture above. So If you combine this correction, with “extension” and male enhancement exercises, than you’ll see lifetime results and up to 2.5 inches in increased penile size.

Discreet Packaging & Overall High Quality

sizegenetics best male enhancement product reviews

The black packaging of Sizegenetics looks very stylish and elite. If Mercedes-Benz were to create a male enhancement product, they would probably create a package that looks like this. It’s made of real leather and all of the equipment fits tightly in it’s position. From the outside it’s virtually impossible to know what it is, if the case remains closed nobody will know what’s inside and the case also has a privacy lock as well.

The privacy lock is very cool because I have kids who open everything, so I placed the lock key inside of my dresser and now I’m certain my kids will never open my Sizegenetics case even if they find it. So If you don’t what tell anyone, than nobody will ever know you own a Sizegenetics. The case has an excellent privacy lock, it’s shipped in a brown paper discreet package, and the extender can be worn under most clothes.

The Sizegenetics extender should be washed around once a week, it’s a very sanitary device but if you’re more prone to sweat than you may want to clean it more frequently. If you’re going on vacation, it’s very easy to transport and comes with an additional case that’s meant specifically for traveling. Just don’t wear your extender through airport security or you’ll have some awkward explaining to do, I did accidentally did and security laughed in the end!

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Male Enhancement Exercises That Will Increase Penis Size

increase your penis size-and grow your penile length with sizegenetics

Sizegenetics comes with a male enhancement exercise program DVD and some eBooks about at-home penis enlargement exercises that will improve erection thickness. These exercises alone do not add long lasting results, just like how the extender alone can only improve girth so much, but if you combine these exercises with the extender, than you will have long lasting results and a longer penis with a significantly thicker girth.

If anyone still doubts the effectiveness of Sizegenetics, you have to remember it’s is a medical device that’s certified by doctor’s and surgeons. This extender has multiple case trials proving its effectiveness and is used by some doctor’s to help treat their patients. It increased my penis length and I would recommend Sizegentics, but you can always return it and get your money back if you decide it’s not for you.


The last freebie offered in the Sizegenetics extender kit is a “Grow Your Penis” membership and it’s actually really useful. Basically, it’s a membership to a website that has tons of male enhancement exercises that increase penile size, improve erection blood flow, and help with premature ejaculation. There’s tons of real, before and after images, lots of detailed video’s, and real medical explanations on why each exercise actually works.

Male enhancement exercises will also make your penis size grow faster. The exercises will cause blood to pump faster to the penis and that it will allow it to heal faster after each day of “extending”. While using an extender you have to keep your penis oxygenated, so these exercises will help keep everything recover and grow faster.

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